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LiveJournal for Melanie.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Subject:Still here
Time:1:44 pm.
Mood: happy.
Just thought I'd post another something here to make sure that this account doesn't disappear by default. For the sake of keeping updated, I still have a MySpace page, but RARELY look at that either. The places I look at and do the most with are first, Facebook, and secondly (as part of a new resolution for the year) my blog over at Blogspot. SO, if anyone happens upon this, you can click over to see what's been going on lately.
Peace out...for now. ;o)
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Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Subject:Blue moon blog
Time:11:19 am.
Mood: busy.
I need to post belated birthday wishes to those who celebrated special days in February, March and April...you know who you are. ;o) Sorry to be so late!!!

Things have been crazy and I've now created/added more blogs to my list. I now have pages at MySpace, Facebook, and BlogSpot! I'm not sure if I'm crazy, stupid or a little bit of both! I'm posting this for anyone to see so that if it's stumbled across, people can fine me and my other listings.

Not much else to say...SO EXCITING, I KNOW!!! ;o)

I'll just say that I'm enjoying watching LOST, and anxious to see what happens. I miss our little "A Locke Problem" group.

Oh yeah. I did make it through the first year! What am I talking about, you ask? Leila had her first birthday on Friday, April 18th. Whoo hoo!!! We had a great time celebrating with family and friends. I'll have to get some photos posted soon...probably over at my Facebook account, so keep an eye out over there!

To my LJ friends, if you still come this way at all, love ya!!!

Peace out, kids.
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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Time:12:08 pm.
Mood: a bit frazzled, but okay.
It came to my attention that I failed to mention anything about Amy and family's visit here in July. HOW could that have been passed over I ask you? I'm not exactly sure. Now, however, is not such a good time to go in to detail about it all. This is mostly a reminder for me to do something about it within the next little while. There are just some TOO cute pictures of the kids that must go up for friendly eyes to see.

I've also failed to make my annual "Memories of Rieka" post. With her birthday about six weeks behind me, I'm deeming myself a total slacker yet again.

I hope that everyone is well. I hope to see a few more posts soon. How's life treating you all? Are you riding high, on the middle ground and holding your own, or is life just kickin' the stuffin' outta ya?

I hope that Amy is surviving and still within an inch of sanity. My advice? If you have a few bucks to spare, head over to get a frothy cold Butterbeer at B&N. Maybe that'll help. ;o)

Love, love, LOVE to you all!!!
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Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Subject:Quick note
Time:4:16 pm.
Mood: drained.
I'm exhausted, and I need to go and start dinner, but I also need to post a notice.

Rieka and I will be in town (possibly Wednesday...I'll be in touch, Amy.) this coming Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th. I'd love to chat it up, hang out, eat food, etc. with all of the friends, old and new. I'll be enjoying the hospitality up at Thatcherland and can be found there, or running along behind them wherever they may go. ;o)

My brain feels like mush, so that's all for now. Good thing it's Friday!

See y'all soon!!! Whoo hoo!!!
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Friday, August 5th, 2005

Subject:LJ Friends Notice
Time:12:36 am.
This is just a note for all those who may have stumbled across my domain and wonder where all the entries are.

I rarely do "public" access entries any more, so you won't find very much current information here. For those who may want to add me to their friends list, post a comment. If you just feel like going through my journal, I have a lot of entries but I've filtered almost all of them to friends only. I'm certainly open to meeting new friends, but I feel that there must be some kind of protection from some of the not so nice people in the world.

Thanks for looking and taking an interest. Go ahead and comment if you care to.

Have a nice day. ;o)
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

Subject:At Last!!!
Time:8:52 am.
Mood: ecstatic.
It is here!!! Trilogy Tuesday!!! Wish that I could share it with you all... :(
Happiness is best when shared with others...it magnifies the joy. :) Have a great day everyone. :D
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Thursday, September 18th, 2003

Subject:Best quiz ever
Time:11:13 pm.
Mood: sympathetic.
Cherry Ring
You are the Cherry Ring Pop!

Which Ring Pop are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

No matter how many times I did this quiz, I ALWAYS came up with Cherry! Hmmm. Though I have to admit to often feeling like the Tropical Punch ring pop. And sometimes maybe the Strawberry as well.

By the way...FANTASTIC quiz Angie!!! ;) Keep it up, Quizmaster.
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LiveJournal for Melanie.

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You're looking at the latest 7 entries.